If we talk about starting it, then someone has to take the initiative for this. After which it starts from somewhere. 

But the problem is that it is necessary to do oral sex in the right way. Today in this article we are going to tell you information related to oral sex –

What to expect from oral sex?

What is oral sex and is it real sex?

The real meaning of sex is not just inserting the penis into the vagina. Even by doing oral sex, you can feel pleasure like inserting a penis in the vagina.

Your preferences may be different

Do not compare your penis or vulva with others, as they can be of different sizes and shapes. Therefore, it is not necessary to think that your vagina should look right or that your penis is big.

Clean your private parts

Everyone has some kind of filth in their body. So clean your private part properly. But keep in mind that everyone has their own slightly different mess. 

Therefore it is good to be fresh before having oral sex, for which –

  • Take a shower or a bath, take care to clean your private part properly with soap
  • After which clean the private part with a paper towel etc.
  • Do not use any kind of perfume or deodorant on your private part as it can damage your private part.

Everyone’s taste is different

  • If you think that someone’s private part will taste good, then you are wrong.
  • If you are healthy and maintain hygiene then you will feel good taste.
  • Apart from this, what you have eaten also depends on your taste.

To make your taste better you can –

  • Pineapple
  • Papaya
  • Nutmeg
  • Cinnamon
  • Oregano

Preventing pregnancy but not STI

Although there is no risk of pregnancy from oral sex, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases from oral sex is high. because of which –

  • Skin contact with the genitals increases the risk of STIs
  • This can happen through contact with vaginal, penile, or anal secretions.

On having oral sex during pregnancy

  • There is a risk of STIs
  • This STI can reach the unborn baby

STIs caused by oral sex 

  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • HSV-1 and HSV-2
  • Syphilis
  • HPV
  • HIV

While some STIs do not have symptoms, but in these –

  • Sore throat
  • Mouth ulcers
  • There may also be boils in the mouth or throat
  • Swelling of lymph nodes

Continuous oral check-up

If you are sexually active then –

  • Periodic STI check-up is a must
  • Your dentist will check for mouth ulcers, nodules, or any other unevenness
  • Oral cancer is also screened for in such tests.
  • Some HPVs may cause Oral Cancer.
  • So do check up with your doctor once in a year.

Ways to have oral sex to please women

Most common questions asked to please female partner during oral sex

Is it necessary to shock the clitoris?

  • Yes, you can do this with your tongue. By doing this with love, you can increase pleasure. 
  • Keep in mind that for this your tongue should feel like a puppy who is licking ice cream.

Should you put your tongue in or not?

  • Doing so depends on who is down at that time, for some people this idea may be useless while for some it is a pleasure increase. 
  • If your partner likes you then absolutely you should go.

What to do if your partner is pregnant or has periods?

  • If your partner wants then why not, maybe some things get tangled up. 
  • Although the smell and taste of blood may be strange, you should pay attention to the clitoris. 

Oral sex techniques for men

  • Lick your partner’s vagina on top of the underwear with your tongue like a puppy, until they get wet
  • When they are ready, spend some time on the vulva over their clitoris and give some love to the inner parts of the thighs as well
  • Lick the vagina with your tongue from bottom to top and repeat
  • flex your tongue and move it over the cleat above the vulva

Oral sex positions for women

If you are a bit imaginative then you can convert any type of top sex position into oral sex position. But you can use these easy oral sex positions to save your neck.

Lay back and have fun

  • Put a pillow comfortably under your hips
  • keep both your thighs away
  • Bring your knees towards the upper body

Control freak

  • Lie back
  • Let your partner control the pressure and movements

Must 69

  • This is a position in which both men and women can please each other at the same time.
  • It can be done lying down or standing.

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Safety and cleanliness in female oral sex

  • A dental dam can be placed on the vulva for safety in oral sex.
  • It is a type of thin latex barrier that is applied to the vulva
  • Before and after oral sex, your private part must be cleaned with soap and water.

Ways to have oral sex to please men

Most common questions asked to please male partner during oral sex

What to do if your partner is circumcised or not circumcised?

  • This will not change much in technology if you start with a hand job. 
  • You can do this by moving the foreskin up and down with your hand. 
  • When you feel that you are ready, then by gently lowering the foreskin, you can start licking the tip of the penis.

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Do you need to deep throat?

  • No, it is not necessary to do this unless you want to. 
  • You can also pretend to do this, for this you can suck or suck by putting the tip of the penis on the palate of your mouth.

After ejaculation, should you spit, swallow, or spit it out completely?

  • You should talk to your partner before starting anything. 
  • If you don’t want to, you shouldn’t do that. 
  • From the point of view of health, nothing like this should be kept in the mouth or swallowed.

Oral sex techniques for men

  • To begin with, you can start by licking the entire penis with the tip of your tongue.
  • After starting a little slowly, you can also use your hands
  • It’s a bonus if you enjoy doing this on repeat
  • After which keep holding the penis and slowly continue to move up and down in your mouth.
  • Grab the speed as soon as the pleasure hits

Oral sex position for men

Here too some imagination can come in handy and you can do some positions like –

Open wide

  • Lie down on the bed with legs open
  • During this, the female partner will stand on the feet.

Seat and …

  • One chair and two ways
  • In this you can sit yourself and you can also make your partner sit.
  • After which the penis can be sucked.


  • It is considered to be the most comfortable bellow job position
  • During this, when your partner is lying down while getting up in the morning
  • then you can use your hands and mouth 

Safety and cleanliness in male oral sex

  • In this you can use flavored condom
  • Using condoms in a below job reduces the risk of STIs
  • After this clean your private part with soap and water

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If your partner needs a rim job

Can you have poop in your mouth?

  • Yes, there are chances of it. 
  • Therefore, first of all clean it with a soft cloth and soap because there may be some particles left in the anus.

What to do if there is hair?

  • It’s not a big deal, you can do it. If someone does not want to shave that part of him.

Should you put tongue in or avoid it?

  • It depends on your ease. 
  • You should not do anything if you do not want to. 
  • If your partner does not have a problem then you can put your tongue.

Rim job techniques

  • It can be started by kissing or licking your partner’s cheek.
  • Lie down comfortably and keep your tongue relaxed
  • Use the tip of your tongue and repeat the process with ease

Rim Job Positions

  • Doggy style is best for this
  • This gives very good pressure and movement control

Safety and cleanliness during rim job

  • For safety, dental dames, tongue condoms, or regular condoms can be used
  • Clean hands and short nails are good
  • Clean your genital area with soap and water before and after
  • Enemas can also be taken
  • This should be followed by tooth brushing, gargling, and mouth cleaning

General tips for oral sex

First ask your partner

  • Any type of safe sex should be talked to your partner
  • Also ask them what they like for foreplay
  • Do not be afraid to ask any question before having oral sex

Make some noise

  • Let your partner know how much you are enjoying during sex
  • it’s good to do

Look into each other’s eyes

  • It is good to maintain eye contact with each other
  • With this you can know the reaction of your partner

Put your hands to work

  • Use your hands as well as your tongue
  • By doing this your partner will experience a good pleasure
  • You can also use sex toys

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Go to climax

  • Orgasm is a must for a good sex
  • For a good climax stop 30 seconds before they orgasm and then start again


Sex is such a thing that two partners can strengthen their bond. So talk to your partner and understand each other’s needs and wants. 

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