Apple cider vinegar is also known as apple cider vinegar is one of the common ingredients found in Indian kitchens. Apart from food, it is also used for many other things and it has many benefits.

Apple cider vinegar is used for cleaning, washing hair, protecting food from spoilage, and improving skin.

It is used in a variety of recipes like garnishing in salads, soups, sausages, and hot drinks, etc.

Today in this article we are going to tell you the benefits of apple cider vinegar –

Apple cider vinegar benefits

To reduce diabetes levels

  • It is known to reduce blood sugar levels.
  • According to some studies, the use of apple cider vinegar after a high-carb meal improves insulin sensitivity.
  • If you are taking diabetes medicine, then you should consult a doctor before taking apple cider vinegar.

Weight loss

  • Apple cider vinegar is also known for weight loss.
  • Consuming it reduces appetite and makes the stomach feel full.
  • Due to this, you eat fewer calories, due to which weight is reduced and belly fat is also reduced.

Food preservation

  • Like other types of vinegar, apple vinegar also preserves food.
  • It is used for making pickles which are known to preserve food.
  • This makes the food more acidic, which kills the bacteria and enzymes that spoil it.

To remove the smell of feet

  • It is known to have anti-bacterial properties.
  • That’s why it is said that apple vinegar removes bad smell.
  • No research has been done about this, but you can make a spray by mixing apple cider vinegar with water.
  • For the bad smell coming from the feet, make a solution by mixing apple vinegar and some salt, in which the bacteria that cause bad breath are eliminated by compressing the feet.

For salad dressing

  • It is used as a decoration on salads.
  • There are many health benefits of consuming it in a homemade salad.

Reduces the risk of cancer

  • Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar kills cancer cells.
  • Its regular consumption reduces the risk of esophageal cancer.
  • According to some studies, it increases the risk of bladder cancer.
  • However, all these facts are not full proof.

As a Natural Cleaner

  • It is also known for cleaning things as it has anti-bacterial properties.
  • To make it, add a cup of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of water, after which you can clean anything with it.
  • It is better than the cleaning products sold in the market.

Sore throat

  • This is the best home remedy to treat infections like sore throat etc.
  • Its anti-bacterial properties treat the problem by killing the bacteria.
  • For this, you can gargle with apple cider vinegar mixed with water.
  • If it is consumed directly, it can also injure the inside of the throat.

Apple cider for skin

  • Apart from skin problems, it also prevents aging.
  • It also improves the complexion of the face.
  • For this, a little apple vinegar in which there is twice as much water.
  • It can be applied to the skin with the help of cotton.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you can dilute it even more.

Vinegar for pesticide

  • Apple vinegar is used for sprinkling to avoid them.
  • The best part is that it is very easy to use.
  • Take vinegar in a cup and mix dish soap in it so that the flies cannot fly again and get trapped.

Boil eggs

  • You can add apple cider vinegar to the water that cooks the eggs, it will cook the egg well.
  • This is because the egg white protein tends to emerge more quickly in a more acidic liquid.

To make pickles

  • It is also used for making pickles.
  • The flavor is prepared by mixing it with wine, garlic, soy sauce, onion, and pepper.

Washing vegetables and fruits

  • The use of pesticides on fruits and vegetables is a matter of concern for many people.
  • That’s why many people think it is okay to wash their fruits in apple vinegar.
  • This is because the chemical cannot be cleaned with water alone.

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Clean dentures

  • It should be used to clean dentures.
  • Its use causes less damage to the skin than toothpaste.


  • Many people use it in bath water to tone their skin.
  • For this, 1-2 cups of vinegar can be used in bathwater.

Vinegar for hair

  • This is done to remove the problem etc. in the hair and to increase the shine of the hair.
  • Applying a solution of water and vinegar in the hair for a few minutes and then washing gives benefits.
  • If the skin is sensitive, increase the amount of water in the solution.

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Dandruff Treatment

  • Applying it on the scalp gets rid of dandruff.
  • For which it is necessary that you mix it with some other oil or water and apply it on the head.

Apple Cider Vinegar Soup Recipe

  • This enhances the taste of the soup.
  • You can make the soup yourself at home, at the end of which add the apple cider vinegar.

Homemade cake and toffee

  • The use of vinegar in vegetarian sources made without eggs gives a good taste.
  • It can be used in many recipes.

Hot drink  

  • 2 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • You can consume 2 teaspoons of lemon juice mixed with at least 355 ml of hot water.

As a mouthwash

  • There are very few people who know that it can be used for mouth wash.
  • It is quite effective for bad breath. 
  • A solution can be made by adding 1 teaspoon of vinegar to 1 cup of water.

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Toothbrush to clean

  • A clean toothbrush is very important for clean and healthy teeth.
  • Due to the properties present in it, it can be used as a homemade cleaner.
  • For this, mix 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons baking soda properly in ½ cup of water.
  • After doing this, leave the toothbrush in it for 30 minutes.

Teeth cleaning

  • Due to its acidic properties, it is known to stain and whiten teeth.
  • For this, take a small amount of apple cider vinegar in a piece of cotton wool and clean the teeth.
  • By doing this regularly, the stains and spots get cleaned in a short time.

Acne treatment

  • Apple cider vinegar is effective for treating blemishes and acne on the face.
  • But keep in mind that applying it directly to the skin can also burn those parts.
  • Therefore, add water or some other thing to the solution.

Wart removal

  • Apple cider vinegar is a natural agent to remove moles or warts.
  • Due to its acidic element, it is very effective in removing warts.
  • But keep in mind that this process can also be quite painful.

Washing dishes

  • Its properties are quite effective in killing and cleaning unwanted bacteria.
  • Some people can mix it in water for cleaning utensils.


Apple cider vinegar is one such item found in every household, which has many benefits. This is a very cheap and durable solution that gets rid of many minor problems that happen in the house every day.

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