Here you will know about the best Chromecast games available in today’s time –

Best Chromecast Games

Google Home

  • This is not a game but you can play games on Chromecast with its help.
  • This app is used to cast the phone screen to TV.
  • After this whatever you do on your phone will be shown on your TV screen.
  • In which one use is to use for gaming on the TV screen with hardware control.
  • By turning on the game on the phone, you can make the phone a controller while watching it on the TV screen.
  • The app is absolutely free and can help in providing a good experience. 

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  • This is a word game in which the board is shown on the TV.
  • Every player’s phone has features to control words and play.
  • The game can get 10 board layouts, pass and play mode, more than a dozen language support and support up to 5 players.


  • The specialty of this game is that more than 15 people can play it at a time.
  • In the game, you get good features apart from the best UI.
  • It is much better as a party game.
  • Player This includes creating new words, team game set-up and sharing sketches on social media.
  • This game was launched last year but you may have to spend money to use the game.


  • This simple arcade game with elements of competition.
  • In this you can move on the screen and grab the other player etc.
  • Getting used to the controls of the game can be a bit difficult.
  • Apart from being free, the competition is high compared to other Chromecast games. 

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Just Dance

  • This is one of the few Chromecast games that received the update in 2019.
  • In this, dance can be done by playing many songs using internet connected TV.
  • In which an image dancing on the screen challenges you to dance like him.
  • There may be some problem in connecting the game.
  • This app has more than 400 songs, 40 tracks etc.
  • Its use is absolutely free.

Puzzle Cast

  • This is a type of puzzle game that can be played on Chromecast.
  • In the app, you can do more than 150 puzzles, 12 categories, 20 difficulty levels including piece rotation etc.
  • In this you can get multiplayer mode in which you can add pieces yourself.
  • The game has both free and paid versions.
  • Connection issues and game freezes are one of the most common problems. 

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  • This is an app that has many mini-games for Chromecast.
  • Most of the game names are different and it is very simple.
  • However, there has been no update to this game since 2015.
  • But for children and for those who are fond of old games, this game can be fun.
  • Playing games on the app is absolutely free.


  • This is one of the new Chromecast games in which the player can connect, draw a picture and the picture is displayed on the big screen so that people can guess.
  • This app has two modes – for kids and for adults.
  • Also there are some different types of brush type drawing in the app.
  • Though, it is not one of the best drawing apps but can be good fun during a party at home.
  • The app is absolutely free which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. 

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If you are bored playing games on the phone and want to play it on TV, then the above mentioned games can be played.

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