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Best crypto wallets


  • It is one of the most popular crypto wallets.
  • Apart from supporting multiple coins, the app helps to swap between them.
  • With the help of this app, you can send, receive crypto directly from the app.
  • The app encrypts your private key so that no one can steal your phone. 

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  • It acts as an exchange of crypto currency.
  • In this, along with keeping currency, you can also transfer, etc.
  • The app acts as a kind of brokerage but for crypto.
  • Here you can track the price of many currencies.
  • The biggest drawback of the app is that the verification process takes a lot of time.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

  • This is a stable bitcoin that has some good features.
  • The app supports more than one coin.
  • The security of this app gives 100% control over the private key.
  • Also fast connection to nodes and sending or receiving currency.
  • Its UI becomes easy to use when used.


  • It is absolutely free to download this app with 4.6 star rating on Google Play Store.
  • You can also add other currency to the app.
  • The app is not supported until the link is complete.
  • You can also buy crypto currency with the help of the app. 

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Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

  • This is one of the few apps that does a great job.
  • Provided you know about the feature of the app.
  • The app has good security measures like local encrypted security.
  • Along with this, the app also provides you facilities like cold storage.
  • If you speak a language other than English, then you may get translation problems in the app.


  • It works both as a wallet and as an exchange.
  • Apart from storing many types of coins on the app, you can buy, sell them.
  • Also, you get price alerts on the app so that it is easy to buy and sell.
  • This app also comes with Wear OS support.


  • If you are not able to decide which app to download, then you can go to
  • This will help you locate the wallet.
  • The tool will ask you some questions like which operating system you are using.
  • You can know whether the hardware option is good for you or not.

Eclair Mobile

  • The app is very simple, with a nice UI that helps you characterize the channel you use.
  • This app only supports bitcoin.
  • It has a rating of 4.0 stars on the Google Play Store.
  • Downloading the app is absolutely free. 

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Coinomi Wallet

  • It is a crypto wallet that has many features.
  • Based on ERC20/223/723, Omnilayer, NEM, BEP2, and TRC10 it supports all cryptos.
  • This wallet is great if you want to deposit different types of coins.
  • The app gives you multi-seed support, clean UI, above average security, etc.

Bitcoin Wallet

  • It is very basic but functional like a crypto wallet.
  • The app lets you buy, sell and store bitcoins.
  • You can also send and receive currency with the help of the app.
  • Other features include two currency swaps, a live market data widget on the home screen, optimized network fees, etc.
  • Having fees may seem a bit different but it works like this.


In the last few years, the trend of cryptocurrency has increased a lot. People have earned lakhs, crores of rupees from cryptocurrency like bitcoin, etc. 

Whereas nowadays a new cryptocurrency is being seen every day. However, scams are also happening in the name of many new cryptocurrencies. Having more cryptocurrencies also means having more wallets. 

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Not all cryptocurrency wallets are good but some are working fine.