Here you will know about the best running apps available in today’s time that keep track of your exercise –

Best running apps for android

Wearable apps

  • In some cases it is not necessary to download another app.
  • A lot of wearables like Wear OS, etc. have fine apps that provide basic state.
  • Basic features include heart rate, step count, distance covered, number of steps taken, calories burned, etc.
  • Not everyone wants an in-depth experience, so this app works better.
  • Also this app is almost free. 

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Nike Run Club

  • This is a very good app which has all the basics.
  • Its use is absolutely free and features such as tracking running time and distance are included.
  • In the app, you get weekly and monthly challenges to keep you excited.
  • Plus it’s your success, leaderboards and other social fun stuff.
  • In this app you can track distance, speed, time and estimated calorie burn.
  • It also supports Wear OS and the app gets updates from time to time.


  • The specialty of this app is that it can track the cyclist.
  • In addition, the app provides you with information such as your route, speed, speed, and elevation in running on mountains in terms of running, calories burned, etc.
  • The app also has a social element, with the help of which you can share with friends and keep track of friends.
  • Apart from this, the app also provides you the facility to track aerobic exercise.
  • This app is available in both free and paid version. 

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  • It is quite popular in terms of running apps for good reasons.
  • There are many types of features in the app, including resume training, tracking tools, goals, progress reports, etc.
  • You can also connect this app to Wear OS, etc. watch through other Bluetoothbluetooth devices.
  • The free version of the app provides features like basic state tracking, etc.
  • The monthly version of this app is a bit expensive while the yearly costing version can be a bit cheaper.

Map My Run

  • There is a community of more than 40 lakh people on this app.
  • The app lets you map running routes, view track status, track targets, and more.
  • The Pro version of this app also has other tools including better analysis, heart rate support, live tracking.
  • However, for those who have started running or for intermediate runners, the free version of the app works well.
  • You can track more than 600 activities in the app.
  • This app is available in both free and paid version. 

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Adidas running

  • You will get both free and paid versions of this app.
  • The specialty of the app is that it has a lot of features.
  • Features like fitness tracking, live tracking, voice coach, goals, many types of Wear OS support, etc. are available.
  • A lot of people might find the subscription model of the app useless.
  • But the monthly spending option may be a bit cheaper.

Runmore 5K Trainer

  • It is a simple, easy-to-run app that supports Wear OS.
  • The app works like other running apps.
  • In this, you can easily start running like running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds, etc.
  • The specialty of this app is that its UI is quite simple.
  • There is both a free version and a paid version of the app.

Google Fit

  • Google Feet is one of the best free running apps on mobile.
  • This app helps you to track your daily activities like exercise, calories burned, etc. (Know about low calorie foods)
  • This app supports most wearable exercise trackers.
  • While sleeping also does sleep tracking.
  • The app is absolutely free but it also has some flaws.
  • It is quite simple which may be liked by many runners.


Exercise is very important to avoid diseases. In which running or walking is one of the easiest exercises. 

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You don’t need any special equipment to run. If you do not go to the gym, then you can do running, walk or exercise, etc. in any park around your house etc.

Often people run to live a long, happy life apart from reducing size and weight. In which your phone can also keep data of heart rate, BP, O2 level, etc. including tracking exercise, how long and distance you have walked or running. 

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You don’t need to log in for this. Many apps do this task automatically.   

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