Know about the Best online multiplayer games for Android which are free –

Best online multiplayer games for Android

Asphalt 9: Legends

  • This game is absolutely free. (Click here to download the game)
  • Racing can be done in this game.
  • Here you can unlock many different cars, race or play in multiplayer.
  • The game consists of a variety of events that have to be completed.
  • The matches in this game are very quick.
  • You can race etc. from any of your vehicles.
  • You can spend a lot of time playing it before reaching the end of the game.
  • Also the graphics of this game are very good and the mechanics are quite simple.
  • Rating of this game is 4.5 stars. 

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Crossy Road

  • This game is an arcade platformer in which you have to cross many roads and streams without dying.
  • Your goal in this game is to survive as long as possible.
  • The game has a number of playable characters and local multiplayer modes.
  • You and your friends can play together and add-ons to the game by connecting to WiFi.
  • Two to four players can play in it.
  • This is a family friendly game which can be played with family.
  • Its rating is 4.5 stars and you can go to google play store to download it


  • This game is free with 4.4 star rating.
  • In this game you have to kill zombies.
  • Currently there are more than 150 missions in this game.
  • In this you have to collect and upgrade weapons etc.
  • Click to download the game.
  • Online multiplayer is new in this game which is also good.

Call of Duty: Mobile

  • Along with being free, this multiplayer game is one of the newly launched games. (download the game)
  • There are many variations in this game as well as having many multiplayer modes.
  • The game has 100 people battle royale like PUBG and Fortnite.
  • In this game, you get the freedom to collect famous people from the game series and choose different weapons etc. gear according to them.
  • It has some bugs but they will get fixed with time.
  • Rating of this game is 4.5 stars. 

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Pokemon Go

  • This is one of the very popular multiplayer games. (Download the game)
  • For this, the player has to roam the real world in search of Pokémon.
  • Also this game includes gym battle, poke stop etc.
  • Rating of this game is 4.1 stars.
  • When this game came in the market, it created a lot of buzz. 

Teamfight Tactics

  • The rating of this free game is 4.2 stars.(Click here to download this game)
  • Online auto battle can be done in this. 
  • Also, this game is very easy to understand and play.
  • In this, you have to make a group and bring it to the battlefield so that you can win.

Legends of Runeterra

  • This 4.6 star rating game can be played for free. (Click here to download the game)
  • There are many modes in this game which you might find fun.
  • This is one of the new Android games in the market.
  • Also in this game you do not need to pay extra money to have a good time.
  • You can enjoy playing multiplayer games. 

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Supercell games

  • Many games have been made by this company.
  • Many popular multiplayer games are also present in the list of these games.
  • Games of Super Sales include Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, etc.
  • Click here to see the list of Super Sales games on Google Play Store.
  • All the games have a lot of active players in which it is not difficult to find people to play.

Amoung Us

  • It was one of the most popular multiplayer games in the year 2020. (download the game)
  • Even today people will be seen playing it sitting quietly.
  • Many players can play in this game.
  • Those who have to complete the task by roaming around the ship.
  • While one or two players are slowly eliminating the entire team.
  • Apart from all the things, the specialty of this game is that you can add many changes or something new in the character of this game according to your wish.
  • If you want to add something to the game, then for that you may have to buy something within this app etc.
  • This game cannot be called child friendly, especially if you know everyone in the group.
  • Rating of this game is 3.7 stars.

AdventureQuest 3D

  • This game is absolutely free. (Click here to download this game)
  • In this game you will find a lot that will make you crazy.
  • This is one of the new multiplayer games on mobile.
  • There are many new tasks etc. in the game which is enough to make you addicted to it.
  • You can play this game on computer, laptop or mobile.
  • In the game, you can play different roles, as well as during the game you can chat with your partner, play together with Raid or other people.
  • After its release some errors were found in this game but now they have been fixed.
  • Currently the rating of this game is 4.3 stars. 

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