Guidelines for guest post-submission

You can contribute one or more guest posts in English or Hindi language. But before submitting any guest post at in English or Hindi language & want it approved! there are few guidelines needed to be followed.

Why to submit post on 

  • We ( are online since January 2019.
  • We are into English and Hindi language. 
  • We have health, lifestyle, technology, travel, news & entertainment niches.
  • We are available on different social media platforms.
  • We have 50k new unique visitors on our blog/website every month.

How can you become an Contributor?

  • Here we are going to tell you about some tips that will help you to get your article accepted and published. After follow these steps you can become a regular contributor at 
  • As content is the king in SEO, you should write SEO keyword-focused, quality content for readers.

You can check the categories, we accept articles from –

  • Technology
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Entertainment and sports

Our Condition and Requirements for Accepting Articles in Our Blog/Website:

  • We will Take Only Paid Guest Posting, for further query you can reach us on 
  • We Also Accept Casino, Poker, Gambling, Adult, Dating, Marijuana, Cannabis link but only paid guest post is available.
  • No Link Exchange, No Guest Post Exchange, No Free Guest Posting, Only Paid Posting is Allowed.
  • Your articles should be a minimum of 800 or more words and should cover the topic in detail.
  • Feel free to give them credit if your idea is imitative of someone else’s work and the same goes for images. Please give credit where it’s needed.
  • You should add images to show your message, but don’t add them just for the sake of it. 
  • You have to take a screenshot if you are writing tutorials.
  • In case, we find plagiarism in your post or copied from some other article then you will get an instant ban and immediate removal of all your blog posts and profile from 
  • Also, by submitting a post at copyright ownership of the post would be automatically given to us. This will helps us to deal with any issue associated with DMCA.
  • You should answer any queries related to your article via the comments.
  • Reverting through comment is the way to generate a genuine audience and also it will give you more exposure and help out your readers.
  • If you will succeed to get approved your idea, we will create a brand new guest author profile for you and you can submit the post from dashboard.