We all have different growth timelines, and each of us is unique. Some of us graduate and hit the jackpot by earning millions very young. The others (and by that, I mean the majority of us) have to struggle all their life. We take time to settle down, and this causes a lot of delay in our planning for retirement. 

Why take retirement investment options seriously?

So, some people start their retirement plan from their first job, and others wonder if they should from the time they are in their early or mid-forties. You are not alone if you wonder whether it is too late to start planning or to look for retirement investment options. Some of us have started to check out the 24k gold coins price online. Hear it from the industry experts who will say you are not and can always make the most of whatever you save. 

Always remember these fundamentals of investments!

  • Why do investors encourage people to invest for retirement so late? To understand that, you must also consider that whatever money you save is for your future. 
  • It could cushion you from inflation, recession, or other monetary emergencies in the upcoming years. 
  • When your income is coming in smoothly, there is no problem. The real issue begins when you lose a job or source of income. 
  • Saving a few grand in your purse or locker won’t help much. You can make that saved money grow fast by investing properly. 

Try Compounding Instead of just Conserving

  • Compounding is what you should consider when your money’s value increases faster. 
  • Remember that if you save even a hundred dollars for anything from 10 to 14% interest also, you can have a return. 
  • What makes a big change here is the number of years you save. If you begin early, you can get more years and a bigger return. 
  • This is where you might consider going for investing in gold too. 
  • When you begin late, you lose out on those valuable years. 
  • Hence, your investment planner friend might advise you otherwise. But as they say, you can still get something or the other in return, even if it is not great. 
  • You can still earn a small amount for giving you that flicker of financial security if not a lavish post-retirement life. 

The Handy Tips to Catch up Even on Late Investment

1. Plan Adequately and Save More

  • Today, you realize you have wasted a lot of time lately, so start now. 
  • You can save a hundred every day or a thousand. 
  • Start small yet consistent, or go for a big leap with a 30% jump. This is a great way to at least go ahead somewhere. 

2. Retire Later

  • You may want to retire, play golf, and take that long trip to the tropical islands. But, since you have started late or planning to do so now, push that coveted dream a little further down the line. 
  • Instead of planning to hang the boots by 58 or 60, go for 70. This would give you more years of active earning. 
  • You can, in the meanwhile, also take up part-time jobs to support yourself or have that extra income for retirement planning alone. 
  • However, many people need more energy to continue working, especially if it is hard physical labor. 
  • This is possible if you have been managing a desk job with little to no growth for years. 
  • You may also have to sacrifice some of your leisure time to make that extra money. But, all for you to retire peacefully and not work till the end. 

3. Go for a Minimalistic Lifestyle

  • The people from our earlier generations would recommend you to invest in gold or buy a plot or flat. 
  • The elders may even ask you to invest in gold in India. These words of wisdom are fine. But even better, you will need to project a minimalistic lifestyle first. 
  • Go basic and try to limit your grocery or supermarket visits. Make sure to spend on groceries and make budgets for each trip.  
  • This way, try to sell the old items in the house which are low on sentiment and high on maintenance value. 
  • Try to save up those pennies. You may have to skip those great dinner dates and visits to the boutiques or spa treatments. 
  • Avail discounts and strictly buy within your credit limits only. Cut down the foreign trips and longer vacations in idyllic resorts. Stay as basic as possible for a decent future ahead. 

4. Learn to Take Risks Now

  • Many of us fear failure. Many want to avoid taking uncharted territories after a certain point in life. 
  • In our twenties, we would not fear buying that fancy bike to show off to girls on campus. But now, as we earn, we know that medical insurance is expensive. 
  • We know that even servicing those sports bikes costs a fortune. Such expenses make us wary of the future. We have to take bigger risks when it comes to investments. 
  • It is time for you to check that 10 gm gold coin price online if you want or check out that mutual fund or crypto rates now. These are safe if you learn the ropes and understand economics. 


Spend some time studying these commodities and gold in investments. They will give you decent returns if you study well about this. You can even safeguard yourself from fraud by investing only with licensed investment planners like Gujarat Gold Center. 

Several rules are available online for you to study and reap greater benefits. Try to put your monies in more than one area… You can save a little in gold, a little in the plot, and other avenues. This way, you can build a better and stronger portfolio to have a great retirement phase ahead.