With the Covid 19 pandemic wreaking havoc all around the country, oximeters have become much more important than before. What was previously only found in hospitals has become a household staple, especially for those who have been affected by the coronavirus. A pulse oximeter is a small apparatus that reads your pulse and oxygen saturation level in a matter of seconds.

Since the Covid 19 pandemics have been associated with lowering of oxygen saturation in blood, patients need to keep measuring this level. It is an important indicator of whether a person needs to be admitted to the hospital. It is very easy to use a pulse oximeter and it provides the value of your blood oxygen saturation very clearly. As a general rule of thumb, oxygen saturation below 95 is considered to be critical and requires special attention.

If you have been worried about a particular family member who has tested positive for covid-19, the first step is to buy a reliable oximeter that will provide you with the right values. Here are the best-rated pulse oximeters:

Best 5 Pulse Oximeters – The Most Important Things You Need to Know During Covid -19!

1. Dr. Trust Signature Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

This pulse oximeter comes with an audio alarm system and provides accurate reading every time. The product is water-resistant if you accidentally splash water on it, there is nothing to worry about. However, if the product falls in a glass or bucket of water it might stop working. The product is not waterproof but water-resistant. This is one of the most trusted products even by doctors and provides accurate and quick spo2 blood oxygen level saturation reading of the arterial hemoglobin levels. It also provides the pulse rate.

The large display allows you to see these figures very easily and it is extremely light and compact at the same time. This is an extremely well-thought product and can be rotated in various directions for display. It also provides pulse rate, pulse wave, bar graph and shows you the battery level very clearly. It has a long-lasting battery life and can serve you for a long while.

2. DR VAKU® Pulse Oximeter

The Dr Vaku® Pulse Oximeter happens to be one of the most accurate oximeters available in the market and provides you with the right figures every time. It quickly takes the measurement of the blood oxygen saturation level in the arterial hemoglobin as well as provides you with the pulse rate. The best part about this oximeter is that it has a TFT screen and offers measurements in four colors. This means that it has an extremely bright display and helps you to take readings immediately.

This is one of the best oximeters according to doctors and can accurately determine your blood oxygen level. It is extremely convenient and all you have to do is place it on your fingers. It provides the results in various directions and is rotatable. Besides the blood oxygen level, you will also be able to measure your pulse rate and view the pulse wave in this product. Besides it also comes with the battery that is required to power the device. The device automatically turns off after 10 seconds of inactivity and can continuously operate for over 20 hours.

3. Home Soul FingerTip Pulse Oximeter

This is an extremely reliable oximeter that comes with a dual-color LED screen. It does not consume much power which means that it has an extremely long battery life. It can be used for extended periods and provides you with accurate blood oxygen level, pulse rate, and battery level as well. This is an extremely innovative oximeter and comes with modern sensor technology. The result is shown on the screen very quickly and you do not have to wait for the results. It has a horizontal screen which is much more user-friendly and helps you to observe the values immediately.

The product is also water-resistant and will not malfunction if you accidentally splash water on it. However, it is important to keep in mind that the product is not water-resistant and cannot withstand being dropped in a glass of water. This product is extremely comfortable and comes with a soft fingertip clip that is comfortable. A buzzing alarm rings every time the measurement is complete so you can take the reading.

4. PHYSEMO® Pulse Oximeter

You can completely rely on this oximeter as it has been clinically tested and has been approved by FDA. This is truly one of the most reliable and accurate oximeters available in the market and provides you with the right readings without the least error margin. It helps you to measure the level of blood oxygen saturation along with your pulse rate. It has a bright display that helps you to take readings even in the dark. You can get a pulse rate bar here and a real-time pulse rate reading which is accurate at all times.

The best part about this matter is that it is extremely small and can be carried around very easily. It does not consume a lot of power and has long battery life. It takes just 8 seconds to measure the blood oxygen level and all you have to do is press a button to get the values. You can even adjust the brightness and turn off the alarm on this innovative device.

5. Mievidar Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

This is an extremely reliable oximeter that provides you with the right blood oxygen levels every time. This device has a very comfortable fingertip clip and is suitable for all age groups. The bright screen allows you to take reading no matter where you are and the values are very easy to read from the screen. It takes just a few seconds for this oximeter to measure the different parameters like pulse rate and blood oxygen level. After the measurement has been taken, you will hear an alarm. 

Oximeters have become a part and parcel of the new normal. It is important to find the right brand of oximeter to get the right reading.

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