What is myopia (nearsightedness), symptoms, causes, and remedies –

What is myopia (nearsightedness)?

  • In today’s context, most people start seeing symptoms of refractive disorder ie the problem of the curve of the rays.
  • Which most people suffer from near vision ie myopia.
  • According to doctors, the development of the ability to see in childhood and the length of the eye increases in adolescence, and due to myopia, this problem increases somewhat.
  • In this condition, the light entering the eye is not focused on the retina and due to this the picture appears blurry.
  • That’s why today we will tell you home remedies for myopia, but before that its symptoms and reasons are as follows.

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What are the symptoms of myopia (nearsightedness)?

  • Dizziness
  • Children should not see the writing on the blackboard in the school
  • Blurred vision while watching Tv
  • Squint eyes
  • Not able to read letters written at a distance
  • Constant pain in the head

What are the causes of myopia?

  • Such people who do not see even little distant things clearly, it is called refractive error.
  • Apart from this, the eyeball of patients suffering from myopia become very long or their cornea becomes very curvy.
  • Due to which the light does not reach the eye properly, due to which the eye is not able to focus.
  • Due to which the picture of anything on the eye, not on the retina, is formed in front of it, due to which things appear blurry.
  • This problem increases with age.
  • The medical treatment for the problem of myopia is to get a lens installed in it or get rid of it by getting a laser done.
  • But if the problem is more, then it is possible to treat myopia by operation.

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Apart from this, there are also the following reasons –

  • Having diabetes
  • It can also happen due to genetic reasons.
  • Using the same lens for a long time
  • Stare at something very closely
  • Performing tasks in low light, such as reading or watching TV

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Home remedies for myopia

  • Do breathing exercises
  • Take Triphala Churan daily
  • Avoid watching or reading television for long periods of time
  • Where to work, there should be enough light
  • Use amla to increase eyesight
  • Fill your mouth with water and wash your eyes with fresh water
  • Wear eyeglasses before exposure to pollution or sunlight
  • Take licorice root powder and honey mixed with milk.
  • Mix coconut, sugar candy, fennel, and almonds and prepare and make powder, eat twice a day
  • To improve eyesight, eat food full of vitamins
  • Must eat foods like milk and curd
  • The egg is also very beneficial for the eyes
  • Make a powder by mixing equal amounts of fennel, sugar candy, and almonds and eat it in the morning and evening
  • Laddus made from almonds and gond are also beneficial for the eyes
  • Must eat salad to improve eyesight
  • Do eye exercises


Apart from this, there are many eye problems for which it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. In case of any problem of eyes or vision and persists for a long time, one should immediately contact the doctor.

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FAQS – Myopia

What is normal power of eye?

  • 20/20 means when an eye is able to see 20 feet vision with clarity and sharpness is considered normal eye power.

How can I reduce the power of my eyes?

  • Give proper rest to your eyes
  • Eye-friendly surroundings can help
  • Exercises to improve sight and vision
  • Proper sleep
  • Regular eye checkups
  • Say no to smoking

Is myopia genetic or environmental?

  • Both, genetic and environmental are responsible for myopia.

Is myopia caused by phones?

  • Yes, along with phones – TV, video games, etc can be a factor lead to myopia.

Can not wearing glasses improve eyesight?

  • Not wearing glasses can lead to more loss of eyesight.
  • Eyeglasses are recommended to keep vision stable.

Can myopia be cured?

  • There are many health experts who suggest using natural methods as yoga and nutrition can help in curing eye diseases.
  • Else, using eyeglasses, laser treatment can help in correcting eye numbers.

Can myopia make you go blind?

  • Conditions associated with myopia can lead to blindness.
  • Rare conditions like degenerative myopia if left untreated can cause blindness.

How can I fix myopia naturally?

  • Eat balanced diet
  • Say no to smoking
  • Do eye exercises daily
  • Protect your eyes from sun
  • Yoga and breathing exercises can help

What is myopia in the eye?

  • Condition in which the eye is unable to see near objects clearly.

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